The Temple Of Venus 

Our Lady Of Light


The Temple Of Venus, Our Lady Of Light, is a religious non-profit 501c3 dedicated to worshiping the divinity Aphrodite and observing the heavenly body, the planet Venus in their complex relationship with humanity through ART, film, healing, & movement. Current projects in production are an audio & video streaming series of Mindfulness Meditations focusing on:

Family, Kids, & Relationships

Addiction, Trauma, & Healing

Compassion, Love, & Forgiveness

Higher Self, Consciousness, & Wisdom.


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Neptune's Son

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Higher Self Guided Meditation

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VENUS Botticelli Goat Milk and Glycerine Bath Bar

Scents of copal, bergamot, and chocolate warm the senses, and pacific kelp nourish the skin in this 3.5" x 2" x 1" 4 oz—handcrafted bar of bliss, moisture, and magic dedicated to Venus. Each soap comes swathed in its handmade brocade pouch, which doubles as a perfect sachet. Great as a daily soap or in magical works as a 7-day bath.

These bars were created during the Spring Equinox and Full Moon 2021 by The Temple Of Venus, Our Lady Of Light, and will vary regarding the skin tone of the Venus.

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The Temple Of Venus, Our Lady Of Light Annual Report

December 31, 2021


This past year has been challenging for everyone, and the Temple was no exception! Our record label published and released eight singles worldwide (available anywhere you stream or download music, ex. Spotify, iTunes, youtube).

We released two of 22 films set for production for the current project, “The Cinematic Tarot” 0 The Fool, and 01 The Magician.

We traveled to Berlin, braving Covid 19 variants and storms in Iceland to visit and study the Bronze and fire gilded Christoph Weiditz creation ”Venus oder Fortuna” and the rumored Peter Paul Rubens oak sculpture “Mars, Venus, and Amor” at the Bode Museum. We consulted engineers & theologians and filmed footage for current projects in production.

Our sincere thanks to those who contributed to The Temple of Venus this past year: Your time, talent, knowledge, and resources help to keep the humanities alive! Your contribution ensures that art, dance, theater, music, and worship of the divine have a space in the present world and in the following realms of society and creation.

Thank You!

French Walker

The Temple Of Venus, Our Lady Of Light

The Cult of Venus, Astarte, and Aphrodite in Erice- Sicily


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